AHX Procurement Ltd.

Supply Chain Efficiency

"Don’t find fault, find a remedy" – Henry Ford

AHX Procurement Ltd. is an advisory consulting service to the oil, gas, energy and petrochemical services based in Manchester. With almost 30 years experience in this sector, we work with our clients to reduce costs, reduce lead times and improve all aspects of the supply chain. Working with some of the industry’s biggest names, AHX Procurement Ltd. has delivered substantial cost savings using its network of global contacts.

AHX Procurement Ltd. is also the Great Britain and Ireland representatives of Alphatec Engineering Ltd. Epoxy Resin Specialists.

Whatever aspect of plant maintenance you are involved in, be it parts supply or provision of skilled labour, AHX Procurement Ltd. can assist you. We have a very simple mission statement: To save you time, money or both.

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